Which harness is the right one for your dog?


Every dog and each breed is different. Each Manmat model is designed for specific breeds based on careful measurements and long-time experience in sports with dogs.

Here is an overview of our harness for particular breeds. Please note that the sizes are given as an average for each breed. Before ordering a harness for your dog, please measure carefully.  How to measure your dog 

SLED long harness & RUN LONG long harness

Extra Small (XS):  Kelpie (f), Border Collie (f), Australian Shepherd (f), Samoyed (f)

Small (S): Kelpie(m), Border Collie (m), Australian Shepherd(m), Samoyed(m), Siberian Husky (f)

Medium (M): Siberian Husky (m), Belgian Shepherd(f), German shepherd (f), Labrador (f)

Large (L): Belgian Shepherd(m), German shepherd (m), Labrador (m), Ridgeback (f)

Extra Large (XL): Ridgeback (m), Greenland dog (f)

2 Extra Large (XXL): Greenland dog (m), Alaskan Malamute (f)

3 Extra Large (EXL): Alaskan Malamute (M)

LASH long harness & HOUND long harness

Small (S): Vizsla (f)

Medium (M): German Pointer (f), Vizsla (m)

Large (L): German Pointer (f,m), Pointer (f)

Extra Large (XL): German Pointer (m), Pointer (m), Weimaraner (f), Ridgeback (f)

2 Extra Large (XXL): Pointer (m), Weimaraner (m), Ridgeback (m)


LIGHT WEIGHT long harness

2 Extra Small (XXS): small breeds such as Jack Russel terrier, parson Russel terrier, and cross of smaller breeds

Other sizes: for breeds with a longer back, narrower torso, and, a smaller gap between front legs such as Kelpies, Alaskan husky, Akita Inu, German shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Labrador


SIBERIAN RACE long harness

For Siberian Husky or Alaskan Husky – individuals with an athletic build





HALF LASH semi-long harness 

Small (S): Border Collie (f)

Medium (M): Border Collie (f,m), Australian Shepherd (f), Vizsla (f)

Large (L): Border Collie (m), Australian Shepherd (f,m), Vizsla (f,m), German Pointer (f)

Extra Large (XL): Australian Shepherd (m), Vizsla (m), German Pointer (f,m), Pointer (f)

f = female

m = male

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