Welcome to the World of Mushing

Welcome to the World of Mushing

Welcome to the World of Mushing

Give Your Dog The Exercise They Crave

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What is Mushing?

Dryland (urban) mushing is an umbrella term for dog sports disciplines in which the dog pulls you – either on a footbike (a large-wheeled scooter), mountain bike, a wheeled sled, or via a “canicross” running belt.

Mushing is suitable for breeds that have loads of energy, love running and need a good workout as well as mental exercise. It’s a great option for “sledding” breeds in Australia, where access to snowy regions is limited.

Mushing helps you and your dog burn off excess energy, enjoy fun journeys together and build a closer bond with your dog.

Mushing is a wonderful outdoor activity that the whole family (two-legged or four-legged) can benefit from.

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Common Mushing Sports ...

Dog Footbiking/ Scootering

A modern, dry land adaptation of traditional dog mushing on snow.


Footbike (Scooter)
Bungee Leash


Mountain biking with a dog pulling in front of the bike.


Bungee Leash
Bike Attachment for Leash


Running hands free with your dog pulling in front.


Bungee Leash
Canicross Belt for Runner

Just Starting Out?

On your mushing journey

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When you’re ready to get serious – a custom-engineered dog sports footbike is the only true option for mushing in Australian terrain.

Long Harnesses

Distributes the pulling force around your dog’s entire body

Recommended for experienced dogs, and for pulling straight in front of the vehicle.

Short Harnesses

Recommended for beginner dogs, offering a greater ease of control and reduced risk of twisting.

Also recommended for dogs who run to the side (usually in teams).

Bungee Leashes

A flexible bungee-style leash makes it easier for your dog to pull without risk of jarring.

Foot/Bike Attachements

An antenna attachment is by far the best way to attach a bungee leash to your bike or footbike.

This helps to keep the leash well clear of the vehicle’s wheels.

Canicross Belts

Dedicated canicross running belts are specially designed to allow you to easily attach and manage a bungee leash.

They also help distibute the dog’s pulling force evenly across your body.


While a dog collar is not used directly in mushing, a good quality collar can be critical to your dog’s comfort.

ManMat collars are available in a range of styles to match our harnesses.


Whether you need running boots for your dog, neck lines for mushing with two dogs, accessory pouches, treat bags or walking equipment, ManMat has a range accessories for the ultimate mushing setup.

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Why Choose ManMat?

Manmat mushing equipment and Kostka footbikes are the choice of mushing and dog sports professionals the world over.

In choosing ManMat, you can rely on the fact that your mushing accessories are backed by over 30 years research and development by experts in the field.

ManMat accessories are produced from top-quality, high endurance and long-lasting materials, and designed with your dog’s comfort and optimum performance in mind.

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