Stop just walking your dog. Take it to the next level of fun!


Footbikes for dog owners

You probably already know all the benefits of footbiking, starting with a fun and healthy exercise. And you may already be considering buying one of our footbikes, but you still need that one little push, one more great benefit of using our cool footbike. Now, if you are a dog owner, this article is for you!

Discover the new level of fun
With our footbikes that are equipped with a dog leash, you and your dog will discover many opportunities and experience new adventures! Don’t just walk your dog, take it to the next level of fun, get a footbike and ride together!

Get stronger, further and do it together
You’ll get a great work out and you will be able to go even further than usual. Footbiking is an ideal way of exercising dogs that demand high physical activity. Dogs of any size or breed can enjoy footbiking or even mushing! Have a mushing race or just relax while having a slow, joyful ride beside your canine companion. Dog footbiking is a great way to train your dog and build a relationship where you and your pet work together as a team.

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