Social Rides on Footbikes


Try out our Footbikes, meet George, have fun and ride along!

Footbike Social Rides are family and dog-friendly events which are open to anyone who is searching for an unusual weekend adventure. If you want to, you can bring your dog and try to ride together thanks to the KlickFix adapter for dog leashes. Believe us, it is really fun!

The Social Rides usually last from 3 – 5 hours. That always depends on the number of stops and pauses we make along the ride. Do not get it wrong – the social rides are no competition, everybody rides according to their abilities, physical limits, and comfort. Usually, we start at the parking lot next to the Burswood Casino, which is an easily accessible meeting point, almost in the centre of Perth. At the beginning of each ride we always do a little exercise, try to find the perfect footbike and riding style for you, so don’t be worried about being forced to ride without a proper introduction to our sports gear.

The best way to learn about the most recent Footbike Social Ride is to follow us on Facebook, where each event is announced in advance. Or our Footbike Social Ride page. You will get information where and when the event starts and what is special about that particular ride: it might be a stop for a beer and snack or a trial ride of a new special Footbike model. Social Rides usually take place every 2 weeks, and you can always expect something special, besides fun, healthy riding, and the beautiful views of Perth.

George Mil always comes with a van full of Footbikes to try out! Currently, there are 14 fully equipped Footbikes of different types and colours. So don’t hesitate to sign up on the Facebook event early, because the number of Footbikes are limited. Also, for now you can participate in Social Rides for free, but that might change in the future, due to high interest and all the work George Mil is doing to make Footbike Social Rides a unique event that is unprecedented in Perth.

On our Social Rides, you will have the opportunity to try out a variety of Footbikes. Footbikes WA currently has Tour Max Footbikes – these are great for long trips, but also for the shorter trips in the neighbourhood. Another model you can try is the Twenty Max, which has great driveability due to its optimized frame design and the innovative front fork. Footbikes like MonsterRaptor and luxury Tour Star are available, you can also try the distinctive Tour Max Fold – a foldable version of the Tour Max model, or models like the Racer Pro (road racing footbike) or Rebel Max (city footbike).

As George Mil is a family man he never forgets to think about the children. That’s why there are always two types of Footbikes available for kids – Street Kid and Hill Kid and two different types of baby seats – Thule and Bobike. If your kid is aged from 3 to 5 years old, there is also the option of the Cruiser towing hitch that is attachable to any Footbike.

We always visit some nice and iconic places in Perth. Of course, we mix up our tracks up a bit so there is always something new to enjoy. Along the way, we ride past some of the best-known landmarks of Perth, like the South Perth Foreshore, the 1835’s Old Mill and the Narrows Bridge. If we extend our ride, we usually pass by the Blue Boathouse (“the hottest selfie spot on Instagram”) or the famous 750 year old replanted boab tree Gija Jumulu in the Kings Park. Usually, the second half of our Footbike Social Ride leads us to the Elizabeth Quay, and we visit the Stirling Gardens (the oldest garden in Perth), The Bell Tower, Heirisson Island, or the Optus Stadium. We usually stop for some ice-cream, a meal or just a beer in Perth’s
best-known bars & restaurants.

There is always the option to shorten the ride with the ferry across the lake if you are not up to the full length of our ride. You can easily park and lock the Footbikes back in the parking lot and customize the trip according to your own needs.

Stay tuned and if you like the idea of Footbike Social Rides, don’t hesitate and come and join us on our next ride!

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