I’ve been commuting to work by bike pretty much every day during last seven plus years. Recently I have tried Kostka foot bike and I have to admit I quite like it!

There are two major differences: it’s a bit more of workout to achieve same or similar trip time as on a bicycle. It took a few days to optimise the riding technique to get the moves more efficient, but even now I definitely burn more calories on my short 8km commute. The other and I’d say more important thing is that the stance on a scooter enables me to both stretch and strengthen my back naturally in the process of moving from home to work and back. This is really valuable especially for anyone who spends most of the day at work sitting and hovering at a desk. And although biking is definitely better for fitness and environment than driving a car, the body position on a bike is a lot more static and – couched. In fact not much different from the stooped position at work.

All together, the Kostka “scooter for grown-ups” is an amazing means of transport!