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Harness ManMat Sled

Product Code: SLED A (XL)
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The HARNESS MATMAT SLED has TEBOX padding around the neck, double wide breastplate in an X-back style and it has extremely durable webbing. It’s designed to fit Siberian huskies, Alaskan malamutes, and Samoyeds. It also fits Retrievers, German shepherds, and other large breeds. It has a larger neck opening and shorter body. The material used for the padding has been tested for wear, it doesn’t damage the dog’s hair and is resistant to frost and moisture.

Colour samples

Girth of neck = collar size

Size chart

S Girth of neck 43 - 46 cm
M Girth of neck 47 - 50 cm
L Girth of neck 51 - 54 cm
XL Girth of neck 55 - 58 cm
XXL Girth of neck 59 - 63 cm
XXXL Girth of neck 64 - 70 cm
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