Harness ManMat Lash

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The Harness Manmat Lash is a universal working harness for most dog breeds. Its main benefit is the setting of tension proportion between the chest part and the back part of the harness using a buckle.

The material of the padding has been tested for wear, it doesn’t damage the dog’s hair, it doesn’t freeze and it only absorbs a minimal amount of water.

This harness is very light and great for skijoring, canicross, bikejoring, and dog scootering.


Bottom layer - silicon - non-woven polyester

Middle layer - polyurethane - non-absorbent foam

Top layer - Nylon 100% polyamide fabric (non-waterproof)

Girth of neck = collar size

Size chart

S Girth of neck 40 cm
M Girth of neck 42 cm
L Girth of neck 44 cm
XL Girth of neck 46 cm
XXL Girth of neck 48 cm