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The MANMAT HOUND HARNESS is designed to wide and deep-chested dogs, especially purebred pointers and pointer crosses. The specially constructed neck opening and breastplate keeps the harness centered on the dog’s chest. Construction of the collar minimizes pressure on the dog’s throat, the pull force is distributed mostly to the sides of the collar.

This harness is not suitable for narrow chested dogs such as Alaskan and Siberian Huskies.

Made out of 1-inch wide, lightweight, and extremely durable tubular webbing, The padding is made out of lightweight foam covered in a rip-stop shell, it extends along the entire length of the harness.

Webbing is a multi-colored design on a black background. The padding is black.

Colour samples

Girth of neck = collar size

Size chart

S Girth of neck 34 - 37 cm
M Girth of neck 38 - 41 cm
L Girth of neck 42 - 45 cm
XL Girth of neck 46 - 49 cm
XXL Girth of neck 50 - 53 cm