Canicross-bungee-line-blue2colour samplesCanicross-bungee-line-blue2aCanicross-bungee-line-blue2bCanicross-bungee-line-blue3Canicross-bungee-line-blue4Canicross-bungee-line-blue5

Canicross bungee line for 1 dog

Product Code: CANI BUNGEE 1 DOG (H)
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For races, the length of the extended line should not exceed 2m to avoid the entanglement of the dogs. Canicross line length is 2m when fully extended.

The end loop is easy to attach to ManMat canicross belt.

Canicross-bungee-line-blue1Canicross-bungee-line-blue2colour samplesCanicross-bungee-line-blue2aCanicross-bungee-line-blue2bCanicross-bungee-line-blue3Canicross-bungee-line-blue4Canicross-bungee-line-blue5