How To Correctly Measure A Dog


How to measure your dog properly to get the right size of the harness.

If you want to do some kind of dog sport like dog footbiking, bikejoring or canicross, it’s essential to have a perfectly fitted harness for your dog. The harness should be the right size to make the dog feel comfortable and prevent any injury to their fur or skin.

Beforehand, be aware that, unlike a collar, the harness does not sit on the dog’s upper neck but on the lower neck. However, if you take a measurement for a harness, measure the collar size first. The circumference of the upper neck (collar) is the basic information that you need to know to pick the right size of the harness. Do not measure too tightly! You should insert two fingers between a collar and a dog’s body. All the other measurements are supplementary.

Nevertheless, there are dog breeds (such as the Australian Kelpie) that have quite a different body shape and our harnesses do not have to fit them well. Every harness is designed for particular breeds (e.g. the sled harness is designed for Huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds and similar breeds). If you plan to buy a harness for another breed other than the one the harness is intended for, you must also measure the dog’s body length and chest. 

If you still are not sure what harness and what size is the best for your dog do not hesitate to contact us! Let us know your measurements and what you intend to do with your dog (e.g. footbiking, bikejoring, canicross, trekking). We promise that we will do our best for you and your dog.

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You will find out whether the long harness fits well to your dog only when the dog pulls at full force!  As the long harness is meant like a working harness, only at the full force the harness gets the proper shape and length. Please try before you requesting an exchange.



Product Where to measure How to measure
Harness Collar size
Body length
upper neck
from shoulder blades to tail
the widest part  of dog’s torso





The example of perfectly fitted harness

An example of perfectly fitted harness

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