A special attachment for all models TOUR and TWENTY enables to connect a dog and have a fun together. You can choose from three options depending on your particular needs. Kostka TOUR MAX DOG (G6) footbikes are available in ALL COLOURS as well as Kostka TOUR MAX (G6) models.

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Book a test ride? Hire KOSTKA footbike!

Ride together with your furry friend when you fit your footbike with a special leash to harness your dog with!

 Also available in Satin Ferrari, Satin Grey and Satin Strawberry colours. Take a look at the photo gallery and see all the colour options.

Dog packet contents:

Option #1

Option #2

Option #3

flexible adapter flexible adapter flexible adapter
bungee line for 1 dog bungee line for 1 dog bungee line for 1 dog
spacing ring spacing ring
Schwalbe BlackJack tyres - a pair
The packet for the discounted price is available with a purchase of a footbike only. If you would like to buy any accessories individually, visit our accessories page.

Flexible adapter and bungee line

The Flexible adapter that prevents the leash from entangling with the front wheel is installed under the stem. You only need one screw to be attached and you and your dog can be on your way! The Bungee line ensures a smooth pull from the dog. 

Spacing ring

The Spacing ring serves to increase the footboard front of footbikes by 25 mm

Advantages Disadvatages
increases tread 25mm: use for riding on tough terrain increased tread poses for normal driving hardship and increased energy expenditure
suitable for Mushers and sport dog owners not suitable for riding on unpaved or paved roads

Schwalve BlackJack Tyres

Versatile tread with good grip and easy rolling.

The footbike is delivered with mounted Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres. 



The KOSTKA TOUR MAX (G6) Footibike for adults, equipped with 26/20 large wheels, is the most popular model with both universal and sporty features. The footbike has a 26” front wheel which allows you to get over any uneven terrain and ride on moderate terrain with no problem.

Whether you want to enjoy an easy trip through the neighbourhood, exercise, or ride long distances, you will always get a great, unique experience with the KOSTKA TOUR MAX footbike (and not only on the asphalt road!). You will perceive the world in the new light while footbiking!

While it’s a fantastic companion for long-distance trips it won’t disappoint you if you only ride in your neighbourhood. This footbike is equipped with inflatable wheels and it can be used both for asphalt and unpaved roads. It’s the best choice for people who want to have a universal footbike for everyday use but also aren’t afraid to meet new challenges. It’s perfect for not only just adults but also for all people above 160cm. This footbike provides great value for money. The footbike’s weight capacity is 150kg.

The new Kostka FBH 680-50 Al Wings handlebars (designed especially for footbiking) will provide you the best comfort. The bar ends are adapted to the wrist and it’s natural grasp so your arms won’t be strained. The grips’ hardened foam reduce vibrations while riding. The screws keep the grips secure.

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